What will be the next horror movie reboot?

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As a life-long connoisseur of the horror genre I have a true appreciation for everything from cult classic, low-budget movies to mainstream horror novels & movies. I have an appreciation for books, movies, comics and short stories.

So if I’m going to make this my first post I have to speak from the heart. There has been one topic that has been on my mind a bit lately… movie reboots.


First of all, although I am a true sceptic for all things corporate, I realize that the work that comes out of hollywood not only goes through the usual corporate scrutiny to determine if a movie is going to make big money before it even gets to production but also gets re-edited and CGI’d to death so you end up getting a movie that looks something like WWZ. To which Brad Pitt even said the trailer looked atrocious – A true shame considering the Max Brooks’ novel was so well done (plus I’m a big fan of his ‘Zombie Survival Guide’).

But I do applaud Hollywood for taking a leap on the novel. What really bothers me lately is the lack of originality when it comes to movies (and even music for that matter, but that’s a whole other post). Surely, I cannot be the only one who recognizes that just about everything being piped down our throats is a reboot of something we’ve seen before. It really started to take shape when Michael Meyers & Freddy Kruger were redone. However, 2013 is proving to bring plenty of reboot material our way. For instance, I just went to see the ‘Superman’ reboot which looked an awful lot like ‘Star Trek’. While the movie wasn’t horrible by any means, it is amazing how ‘Superman’ has become a Sci-Fi flick. Apparently, movie execs believe we need non-stop CGI if we are going to pay 3-D prices. We also just had Paramount announce they are rebooting the original ‘Terminator’. I have to say, much like ‘Running Man’, they just need to leave a classic alone! How about that reboot of ‘Evil Dead’? Minus a couple of cool gore scenes, there’s no way you can out-do the captivating expressions of Bruce Campbell as he acts out some amazing scenes with minimal interruption for single-phrase words like “Chainsaw” as he dawns another brilliant idea (in this case severing his own hand). It just can’t be redone.


Whether it is the lack of originality in Hollywood causing this disturbing trend or the need to create something that people already like but add a ton of CGI to it so we all want to see it in 3-D… the point is… this trend appears to be around to stay for a while.

With that said, my question is: WHAT HORROR MOVIE WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE DONE AS A REBOOT? I, personally, would like to see something more of a cult-classic than a mainstream staple of the Horror’s great history. Here’s my recommendations.

My recommendations: 

1. Re-Animator (or even Bride of Re-Animator)

2. Return of the Living Dead 3 (it has to be #3) 

3. Phantasm

Do you like my selections? What would you like to see?