‘What We Do In The Shadows’ TV Series Moving Forward at FX

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If I had to pick one horror monster to hold the title of “most overused” in the genre, it would be vampires. Now, don’t get me wrong, vampires can be awesome when done right, and have starred in some of the greatest horror of all time.

Unfortunately, vampires are used so often in both movies and TV shows that there have been a lot of terrible versions of them made. Twilight, anyone?

Thankfully, the 2014 mockumentary horror comedy What We Do In The Shadows proved to be one of the most creative vampire flicks in recent memory, and was also downright hilarious to boot.

Now, fans can rest assured that they’ll soon get to explore more of What We Do In The Shadows’ amusingly inventive world. Deadline reports that FX has officially ordered a pilot for a WWDITS TV series.

WWDITS co-writers and directors Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi are both set to come back to their respective roles for the show, and also serve as executive producers.

Clement and Waititi have been trying to get a TV adaptation of What We Do In The Shadows off the ground for years now, and one assumes that Waititi’s recent runaway success with Thor: Ragnarok helped things finally get past the development stage.

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