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What Has She Been Up To? An Interview With Amanda Wyss.

by Ryan T. Cusick

I remember the first time I met Amanda Wyss; it was the final day of Texas Frightmare 2016. Her new short film October 23rd had just released, and I was very eager to speak to the Nightmare alumni about it. It is difficult to describe the emotion and magic when approaching an actor or actress that has been part of the most influential films of your life [A Nightmare On Elm Street]; fans can definitely relate. During our discussion of October 23rd Amanda began to speak about her role in The Id, directed by Thommy Hutson. Amanda placed her hand on my arm and paused, then said, “It is my role of a lifetime, it is such a beautiful gift. I can’t wait for you to see it.” Hearing those words and witnessing the joy and pride Amanda felt, not only made me want to see the film, but I excitingly realized we all are going to witness some fantastic work in the years to come. Looking forward can be just as rewarding as looking back.

Amanda has had a fantastic career, dipping her feet into a variety of genre films as well as television series over the past few decades. Check out my interview on page two to find out about her latest role as Dr. Amanda Elliott in The Sandman and her projects that she is currently working on. The Sandman is currently playing on the SyFy channel. 

‘The Sandman’ – [Left] Haylie Duff & [Right] Shae Smolik. Image: SyFy

‘The Sandman’ – Tobin Bell. Image: SyFy

‘The Sandman’ – Mick Ignis. Image: SyFy


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