Wesley Alley’s Short Film ‘Good Girl’ is a Disturbing Feast for the Eyes

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Wesley Alley strikes again with Good Girl, a brand new short film prepared to take the festival circuit by storm.

Co-written by Alley and Bradley Fowler, the new short opens as Charles (Zack Ward) and Helen (Amanda Markowitz) prepare for a romantic anniversary dinner in their posh home, but it does not take long for the audience to realize that this is no typical anniversary celebration.

Ward and Markowitz are superb in Good Girl. Ward fairly oozes menace and dominance in every gesture and the way he carries himself while Markowitz seems to portray a million subtle emotions with her eyes along and with every slight tremble of her voice or hands.

Official Poster for Good Girl from Wesley Alley

Alley, meanwhile, shows his adeptness at walking a razor-thin line as the Good Girl plunges into themes of domestic violence and Stockholm Syndrome. Never once is what we see glorified in any way or dismissive of either side of the story being told, and yet, it isn’t lacking in the transgressive tone that we’ve seen from other films of its type.

This is meant to put you on edge, to make you squeamish, and to leave you feeling as though you’ve witnessed something you were never meant to see. The film does all of these things with alacrity.

Good Girl is presented by Three Tales Productions with Wesley Alley producing alongside Darren Lynn Bousman, Victoria Matlock, Bradley Fowler and Amanda Markowitz and will be appearing at film festivals soon.

To keep up with all the latest news and for screening dates and locations, follow Good Girl‘s official Instagram page!

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