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Wesley Alley’s Horror Short ‘SockMonster’ Headed to the Festival Circuit

by Waylon Jordan

Writer/director Wesley Alley’s short horror film SockMonster, starring Briana Evigan (Sorority Row) and Derek Mears (Predators), is gearing up to make the rounds on the film festival circuit this year, and the director can hardly contain his excitement.

Produced by Alley, Darren Lynn Bousman (Abattoir, Repo: The Genetic Opera), Bradley Fowler (Bium Bium), Amanda Markowitz (Buttons), and Victoria Matlock (The Voices), SockMonster tells the story of a woman who has lost her child to the monster who lives in the dryer. You heard that right…apparently, he doesn’t just eat socks anymore.

At just under five minutes, SockMonster has a seriously treacherous needle to thread, but Alley does so beautifully. He adeptly gives the audience, in the briefest of glimpses into his characters’ past, a fully realized and terrifying story which we are joining just in time for the final showdown.

Evigan exudes desperation, sitting in the laundry room where her daughter disappeared. The whiskey bottles and overflowing ashtray that surround her perfectly match pitch with the anticipation and resolve in her eyes. This is a woman who is ready to do anything to get her daughter back and if she dies in the process, so be it.

Briana Evigan is ready to fight in SockMonster

Mears, as the monster in question, emerges from the dark recesses of the dryer just as determined, and his considerable stature and physicality elevates what could have been a particularly cheesy creature into a sinister foe. I’ll admit I jumped at his entrance in much the same way I did all those years ago when Samara Morgan crawled out the television in The Ring.

I’m a guy who can put up with a lot but if things start crawling out of my appliances, I’m going to have to move!

SockMonster is ultimately an entertaining and genuinely scary short film that blends just the right amounts of tension, desperation, originality, and blood to make you second guess the creaking noises you hear coming from the laundry room.

For more information you can follow SockMonster on Instagram and the director on his Facebook page where he’ll keep you up to date on where you can see the film!

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