This is the third installment of our new weekly series about some of the crazy real-life horror stories from the week prior. We often cover these types of stories as it is, but this is kind of a round-up. It’s not necessarily a comprehensive look at all of the world’s horror of the week, but a collection of mostly oddball stories from across the web. Enjoy.

The Man Who Ate His Girlfriend

An Indiana man stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death, then mutilated her body, and ate various parts, including organs. Louisville’s Courier Journal has the story.

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Suicide By Crocodile 

There have been some extremely gruesome suicide stories in the news lately. We recently told you about the guy who decapitated himself in broad daylight by tying a chain from a pole to his neck, and driving away. Now, here’s a story about a woman in Thailand, who committed suicide by jumping into a pit filled with several hundred crocodiles – also in public.

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The Clown Mask At Night

A woman reportedly shot a teen-aged kid, who was  wearing an ICP mask and standing over her son with a knife in their home in the middle of the night. She didn’t know until later that it was a kid who had been friends with the son.

Abusive Magician Molests The Possessed

I don’t think I can sum this up any better than the report’s intro, which says, “A man posing as a magician has been arrested after allegedly convincing a woman and her daughter they were ‘possessed’ and sexually abusing them to ‘rid their bodies of demons’.”

Drive-Thru Funeral

A funeral home in Michigan is letting loved ones pay their respects to corpses as they’re tilted toward a drive-thru window. Apparently this isn’t the first one of these, but still, WTF? Read about it here.

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Hearses In Hell

Speaking of corpses in Michigan, there is a place called Hell in the state, and they had a hearse parade there. Because why wouldn’t you have a hearse parade in Hell? In fact, it’s an annual event.

The Giant Squid

A 770-pound Squid with “tentacles like fire hoses and eyes like dinner plates” was hauled out of the ocean near Antarctica, so that’s fairly frightening.

The Gimp Man of Essex

Oh, just a guy dressed like The Gimp (or Zipperface if you  prefer) raising money for charity. He’s been hanging out in the streets, and is donating to charity every time someone posts a picture of him on his Facebook page. He says he’s not trying to scare people, which probably means that he is.

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The Haunted Auction House

In an empty room at an auction house, a cabinet’s glass doors apparently opened, and shattered by themselves. This was caught on video.

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The Xenomorphs Are Already Here

Some guy found the skeleton and nest of something that looks remotely like an alien from the Alien(s) saga. He says he has no idea what it was, but that he threw it away. It’s unclear if there was any evidence of acid blood eating through the floor of his cabinet.

We’ll end on a couple of odd celebrity stories.

Lindsay and Whitney

A report came out this past week that Lindsay Lohan handled Whitney Houston’s dead body, as she was working in a morgue at the time of her death. Just weird.

Knock, Knock – The Preview? 

Finally, actor Keanu Reeves awoke in the middle of the night to an apparently mentally disturbed woman in his house. This is strange because his Speed co-star Sandra Bullock had a similar (though more threatening) situation occur a while back. It’s also interesting that Reeves stars in an Eli Roth movie called Knock, Knock, which is supposed to involve him being terrorized by two women. The film is in post-production.

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