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Web-Series ‘Adult Wednesday Addams’ is Your New Favorite Thing. We Promise.

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There are few pop culture characters we love more than Wednesday Addams, the pale-skinned, death-obsessed daughter of Morticia and Gomez. Originally appearing in 1938, Wednesday has been brought to the screen many times over the years, by Lisa Loring on the small screen and Christina Ricci on the big screen.

With her collection of headless dolls and her fascination with spiders, Wednesday Addams is one of the truly iconic horror characters of all time, a young girl who embodies the monster kid that lives inside all of us. Though I’m a dude, Wednesday is kind of my spirit animal, and I’m willing to bet most of you reading this know exactly what I mean.

Over the years, Wednesday has always remained the same age, while us fans of her deadpan sense of humor grow older and older, which begs a simple question that has never before been answered: what would Wednesday Addams be like, as a full-grown adult?

The brain-child of Melissa Hunter, the web-series Adult Wednesday Addams sets out to answer that very question. After a six episode first season that debuted on YouTube throughout last year,  adult Wednesday is back with a brand spankin’ new Season 2, with new episodes hitting the net every week.

Thus far, four episodes of Season 2 have been uploaded onto YouTube, and in them Wednesday tackles everything from babysitting to teaching driver’s ed. In one particularly memorable episode, she even sets her sights on those pesky cat-callers, seeking her revenge like only Wednesday can.

You’ll find a few of our favorite episodes below, and you can watch them all over on Melissa Hunter’s YouTube channel. Be sure to follow the channel while you’re there, so you never miss a new episode!

[youtube id=”gHUajqrhF30″]

[youtube id=”IWwYrqZWmW0″]

[youtube id=”D5WWVk_xGqk”]

[youtube id=”qVO3sNcJ7A8″]

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