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Waxwork Records Releases IT (1990) Vinyl Record Soundtrack

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Audiences are still trying to stop the knocking in their knees from Andy Muschietti’s IT. Bill Skarsgard’s personal touches to the dancing clown Pennywise are absolutely unsettling and unnerving to watch.

However, Skarsgard’s act does not compare to Tim Curry’s in the 90’s version of IT. The 1990’s version of IT featured a cartoonish but maniacal Tim Curry as Pennywise, which made the TV miniseries the highly revered classic that it is now.

But Curry was not the only aspect of the miniseries that gave it so much character and “charm”. IT featured a unique, perturbed circus soundtrack from composer Richard Bellis.


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While Bellis also worked on Texas Godfather and Doublecrossed, his “magnum opus” is most certainly IT. The soundtrack incorporated a pleasantly disturbing blend of 80’s-like dark synth with concert orchestra and off-key circus music featuring plenty of Calliope.

In honor of this wonderful and audibly disconcerting score, Waxwork records has released the complete 1990 IT soundtrack on vinyl.

Waxwork Records has been teasing the album on their Instagram since late February, and the final result is more alluring than any red balloon you could dream of having (and, yes, the package does include a balloon).

To start, the set comes with deluxe packaging containing the three 180 gram LPs: red (center ring with a card-spoked bike tire), blue (a shower drain), and yellow (Bevy’s sink drain).

The jacket artwork and newspaper clippings inside the packaging are created by artist Matt Tobin. Additionally, the order comes with spot-gloss coated tri-fold jackets, and you can find instructions to make your own S.S. Georgie (but if it falls into a sewer, it’s probably best to let it go…)

As mentioned, the company has been teasing the album for almost a month and a half, so if you want to preview (more of) the vinyls and packaging before your purchase, you can check out Waxwork’s Instagram. I wouldn’t wait around though, because just like the kids in Derry, this vinyl set won’t be around for long!

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