Watching IT COMES AT NIGHT In The Woods Was As Awesomely-Spooky As It Sounds

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A24’s It Comes At Night has been shrouded in cryptic secrecy since its teaser poster, which featured a dog barking and peering into the dark woods. Since then a creepy teaser trailer was released buy the film still holds a lot of its secrets close to its chest.

The fine folks over at Alamo Drafthouse and Rolling Road Show put on a fitting event for the ominous film. Guests were invited to meet up at an Alamo Drafthouse location in Austin, where we were given a false sense of security with good food and beer. At our most comfy, we were rounded up by survivalists who were wearing breathing masks, given our own surgical face masks, and lined up to board nearby school buses. We went from the serenity of Austin’s streets to real country dark, where paved roads suddenly became narrow snaking dirt roads.

Once we arrived to the middle of nowhere, groups were lead off the buses through a nearby red door. Soon we reached a camp area, complete with a fire pit and ominous red lighting. Front and center, was a theater screen with several seats to accommodate our group. It wasn’t long after being seated that Trey Edward Shults It Comes At Night began to play with an insightful Q & A to finish up the night.

It was a heck of an experience. And ultimately the perfect way to experience the film all about a man trying to protect his family during a deadly viral outbreak. The film takes place entirely in the middle of the woods and is a claustrophobic, paranoid sustained note of tension.

Don’t miss It Comes At Night when it releases June 9.

Photos by: HLK Fotos

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