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WATCH: Tyler Christensen’s Short Film ‘Renovation’ is Creepy Fun

by Waylon Jordan

Writer and director Tyler Christensen (House of Purgatory) is having the same problem so many creatives are having during quarantine. The need to work and create is there, but the means to complete projects eludes us. So when the idea for his new short film Renovation sparked, he decided it was going to be done…one way or another.

Shortly before the first round of shutdowns happened, he and his husband had hired contractors to remodel their kitchen. Everything was soon put on hold, and they had a semi-working kitchen until the contractors were allowed to start up work again at which point they came in, gutted the kitchen, and placed a piece of plastic blocking it off from the living room.

“I would come down in the morning and I would see that piece of plastic with the sunlight coming through it,” Christensen explained. “I just thought, you know if I came down here and saw an opaque figure standing there behind the plastic, it would just freak me out. I just kept seeing it and kept thinking it and then one Saturday rolled around and I got up and said to Patrick, ‘Get up, you’re my actor. I have to do this.'”

And that’s exactly what they did. With only an iPhone to record with and using items they had around the house, the rough footage for Renovation was completed in no time at all. He downloaded editing software and with the help of his friend Tim was off to the races.

It was more than just creating something, however. It was about creating something that he could put out into the world and say, “Look what I did. I finished something and you can see it.”

“We’re all stuck in this pandemic where everything is put on hold,” he said. “As a writer, you’ve got 30 different things that are half-finished that you never know if anyone will see and I’m literally living in a half-finished house. I needed something complete. I need to put a bow on a thing and give it to the world.”

And that’s exactly what he did.

You can watch Tyler Christensen’s Renovation below! Let us know what you think in the comments!

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