Watch Tom Atkins Recreate Halloween 3’s Awesome Ending!

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Written by John Squires

After many years of being one of the most hated franchise installments of all time, Halloween 3: Season of the Witch has finally become the fan-favorite it was always destined to be, thanks in no small part to a Blu-ray release from Scream Factory that inspired many to revisit the oddball sequel.

Michael Myers was replaced in Halloween 3 by Conal Cochran, a villainous mask-maker who used Halloween as a means to kill kids – ALL THE KIDS. It was a bold departure for the franchise, intended to completely reinvent the series, though unfortunately it didn’t catch on with audiences at the time.

Tom Atkins starred in Halloween 3 as Daniel Challis, who uncovers the nefarious conspiracy and attempts to thwart Cochran’s holiday plans. In the sequel’s memorable finale, Challis calls TV stations and demands they pull the Silver Shamrock commercial, leaving the fate of the children up in the air.

The legendary Atkins was on hand at this past weekend’s Monsterpalooza convention, held in Burbank, California, and he got a serious kick out of a trio of cosplaying sisters who literally dressed up as the Silver Shamrock commercial – wearing the three iconic masks and framed by a faux television set.

In fact, Atkins was so amused that he agreed to recreate the memorable final moments of Halloween 3, thirty three years later. Check out the fun video below!

Here's the full reenactment with Tom Atkins at Son of MONSTERPALOOZA

Posted by MSG Cosplay on Saturday, September 19, 2015