Hard to believe John Carpenter’s The Thing was hated upon it’s initial 1982 release. Thankfully over the years, people realized what a revolutionary and genre changing film it is and it has since has earned all the respect it deserves. The Thing is one of my favorite films of all time, so it fills me with joy when artists get together and create something that’s not only beautiful, but is also paying respect.

A bunch of artists have shown their love for the John Carpenter classic and pieced together this amazing book simply called The Thing: Artbook. So if you love The Thing and art, then I got good news for you. You can pre-order this book now from the Printed in Blood website for $39.99, but in the meantime, there’s something cool you should check out.

You gotta watch this video of artist Cristiano Siqueira designing an alternate poster for The Thing: Artbook sped up in time lapse. It’s so cool to see an artist at work and see how it started and the end result.

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of John Carpenter’s sci-fi/horror classic film The Thing, this 400-page first volume hardcover of Printed In Blood’s ARTBOOK series features over 375 brand-new pieces of artwork created specifically for this collection. Bringing together artists from the worlds of comics, fine art, animation and illustration. Over 350 artists from all over the world have contributed art for this comprehensive collection.

Also included in the book, an all-new introduction by horror director/actor/producer Eli Roth and an afterword by the Master of Horror himself, John Carpenter.