Brandon Lee in "The Crow."

Mike Rydal and Demented Pictures is going behind-the-scenes to document one of cinema’s most tragic deaths in “The Crow: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know.’”

This just-over-19-minute featurette packs in a lot. From the inspirations for the character, the film’s development, its casting, and finally what happened that fateful day when its star lost his life.

Back in 1994, the world was getting ready to see the legitimate acting debut of martial artist Brandon Lee as “The Crow.”  This dark comic book titular hero created by James O’Barr, had already received cult status among comic book fans so it was only a matter of time before a major studio would capitalize on it’s intriguing concept and adapt it to the silver screen.

According to Rydal. “The Crow” was initially conceptualized by Paramount as a musical starring Michael Jackson which might have changed the film’s course toward tragedy.

Brandon Lee was killed after a compromised prop gun was fired directly at him during a stunt sequence in the final film.

Rydal covers a lot in his narration, revealing a lot of Easter eggs and trivia you may have not known in the original film, its sequels, and tie-ins on other mediums.