Watch The First Trailer For Dracula Untold

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The film aims to unveil an epic origin story for the classic vampire, regaling how Prince Vlad (Luke Evans) ‘The Impaler’ Tepes went from Romanian royalty to creature of the night. Attempting to protect his people from an oncoming army of Turkish invaders, Vlad seeks power by sacrificing himself to the ultimate evil: an ancient vampire played by Charles Dance (Game of Thrones’ Tywin Lannister). Vlad’s encounter with Dance’s character sets him on a supernatural path to become cinema’s best-known blood-sucker.

Dracula Untold Backgroun Image Poster

The filmmakers seem to be aiming in several directions here – the in-depth origins stylings of Batman Begins, the 300 aesthetic with plenty of slow-motion battles and saturated red capes flowing in the breeze, and Game of Thrones’ armies-and-castles drama. The film looks to be more of an action-based take on the legend than a straight-up horror, and marks director Gary Shore’s feature film debut. British actors Dominic Cooper and Charlie Cox also star.

Dracula Untold reaches cinemas on October 3.

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