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Blumhouse Television and USA Network have officially commenced this year’s Purge. Well, in TV series form at least.

The new series based on the popular franchise is more of that social dystopian, late 70s-sploitation based grit that we have become familiar with.

The series takes place over the course of a single night and weaves a tale of select characters fighting for their lives and the lines of morality. These are represented in both flashback and the night’s ongoing Purge.

Writer and director of The Purge films, James DeMonaco heads up the TV series and brings the same amount of Walter Hill lite sensibilities into the mix. The major drawback so far does seem to be what is and what isn’t allowed to be shown on TV.

In “What is America,” the series does a nice job of setting up a hodgepodge of characters, as well as builds up a nice amount of tension for the storm of purgy chaos that is surely on its way.

Being a fan of the films, I’m going to reserve judgment on the TV series, until more narrative is laid out in future episodes. All in all, The Purge is a fun sandbox to play in, and more Purge is a fun thing to explore.

Watch the first episode here for free, and every Tuesday at 10/9c on USA Network.