Watch the Entire Leprechaun Franchise in Five Minutes!

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Today is of course St. Patrick’s Day, which is the one day of every year that the Leprechaun franchise is relevant and celebrated. In addition to drinking heavily, watching the Leprechaun films has become a holiday tradition here in the horror community – a task that’s easier said than done…

Kicking off in 1993, the Leprechaun franchise consists of a whopping six installments, which took the pint-sized demon everywhere from Las Vegas to tha hood (twice). And then there was that pseudo-reboot Leprechaun: Origins last year, which most fans have chosen to forget about.

Given the fact that today is a Tuesday, and most of us have had to work for at least some part of the day, fitting in six 90-minute films isn’t exactly a realistic undertaking. Besides, would you really want to spend your entire day watching those silly movies, even if you could?

I thought not.

Thankfully, a kind YouTuber by the name of Idiomanic has trimmed all the fat from the franchise, condensing all the films – minus Origins – into one five-minute video. Best of all, he presents the series in chronological order, for ease of understanding.

So grab a drink and enjoy watching the entirety of the Leprechaun franchise below – in just five minutes!

[youtube id=”zFclE58yQOM”]

As an added bonus, check out a video compilation of all the Leprechaun’s kills, crammed into a mere 80-seconds!

[youtube id=”8aaN7uoRDVY”]
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