The dead walk! And. Well… Dance.  Austin, Texas received a feel-good, undead surprise in the form of a flash mob Monday, when the fine folks from Fons PR, Scream Hollow and Melody Dancefit released some seriously rad Anna and The Apocalypse choreographed cheer.

The seriously catchy single, “Hollywood Ending” rang out in Downtown Austin, as the flash mob went full-on undead dance party.

This is of course to celebrate the upcoming release of what is sure to be your next go-to Christmas horror cult classic, Anna and the Apocalypse.

The zombie apocalypse set, musically gory, dance-fest is the story of Anna (Ella Hunt) and her high school mates trying to survive a zombie invasion all while dealing with the mean politics of young adulthood.

Make sure to give Anna and the Apocalypse a looksee when it hits theaters Nov. 30.