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WATCH: Sitcom ‘Kill House’ Stars Horror Icons in a ‘Full House’ Parody

by Timothy Rawles
GenerationMe; Facebook

All your favorite horror icons are under one roof in the hilarious new FX television sitcom Kill House. Okay, so, this imaginary concept probably isn’t going to be at a network upfront any time soon, but we are intrigued by the fan-made video.

Obviously it’s just a glorious viral spoof of the milquetoast family comedy Full House. Still, we’d love to appeal to the major networks and use this clip as an official pitch.

The parody showed up on the Facebook page GenerationMe; a group dedicated to gothwear, horror cosplay, and fashion.

Set to the theme song of Full House, the mock opening credits to Kill House cycle through the cast of horror legends such as Freddy Krueger, Jason, and Michael Myers to name a few.

Ghostface even makes a comical appearance, but not from the Scream movies.

Even though this is just a fantasy line-up, there’s no denying this sizzle reel has us wondering who would play the Uncle Jesse persona.

Also, we have a casting suggestion for the Olsen twins: you can find them in the hallways at the Overlook Hotel; they’d be happy to play.

Take a look:

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