The Ring

Watch The Girl From THE RING Crawl Out Of TV In Augmented Reality

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Looks like somebody watched a certain video tape that they shouldn’t have. Abhishek Singh, programmer and apparent augmented reality wiz, re-created one of the best bits of The Ring, in which vengeful Samara comes out of of a well and then through her victims TV screen.

Singh does a great job of working his AR craft, and takes it up a notch by creating his own short horror film in the process.

Augmented reality has offered a lot of small but game changing moments in its short and experimental lifespan. Most notably with the viral craze that was Pokemon GO. There have been a few apps that has tried to utilize the horror aspects of the format but most have become more gimmick than substance.

Something like this is a really cool way of showing what AR is capable of doing in the ways of the spooky. I would love to see more of this implemented into horror films and games. If AR manages to survive its gimmicky phase and into thoughtful implementation consider me totally on-board.

What do you guys think? Would you wanna see more of this in future games/movies?
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