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Watch Now: “Never Hike in The Snow”: A ‘Friday The 13th’ Fan Film

by Timothy Rawles
Womp Stomp Films: "Never Hike in the Snow"

A new Friday the 13th fan film has arrived on YouTube and you can watch it for free. It is the prequel to the 2017 Womp Stomp Films sleeper short Never Hike Alone; their first Friday the 13th fan film.

That movie attained cult status and they were eagerly encouraged to make another one. Well, that time has come.

Today, Never Hike in the Snow was released which the studio says, “is the first of four new entires that will complete ‘The Never Hike Alone Web Series’ and bring the story of Kyle Mcleod, Tommy Jarvis, Rick Cologne, and Jason Voorhees to an epic final conclusion.”

Here is the synopsis:

Set three months prior to “Never Hike Alone,” “Never Hike in the Snow” follows the strange disappearance of Mark Hill (Courtlan Gordon), a Crystal Lake resident who went for a hike in the dead of winter and never came home.
As Local Wessex County Sheriff Rick Cologne (Vinny Guastaferro) and Deputy Allen Mabry (Bryan Forrest) search for answers, town local Tommy Jarvis (Thom Mathews) believes that his old nemesis Jason Voorhees (Vincente DiSanti) is to blame. Will Diana Hill (Anna Campbell) ever see her son again, or will her son become another lost victim of the cursed camp? (30 min est)

Star of Friday the 13th VI: Jason Lives, Thom Mathews, returns as Tommy who we last saw in Jason Lives.

"Never Hike in the Snow" Womp Stomp Films.

“Never Hike in the Snow”: Womp Stomp Films.

Below is the video to Never Hike in the Snow followed by the first film Never Hike Alone:


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