Watch Jaws on the Water This Weekend; Scariest Experience Ever?!

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The original Jaws is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and the classic film was recently re-released into theaters for two days only. I took part in the special event and had an absolute blast watching Jaws with a crowd for the first time, but Alamo Drafthouse is taking the experience 100 steps further.

Back in 2002, the Drafthouse’s Texas location held a special ‘Jaws on the Water’ screening, wherein they literally gave brave fans the chance to watch the film, well, on the water. A projector was set up on land facing a murky lake and inflatable inner tubes served as seats, providing the experience of a lifetime.

Jaws on the water

The one-day-only screening has become the thing of internet legend over the years, and this year the Alamo Drafthouse celebrates Jaws‘ 40th birthday by recreating that terrifying night. On both Saturday, July 11th and July 25th, at 8:30pm, ‘Jaws on the Water’ returns to Austin, Texas.

Those who are too afraid to watch Jaws while floating in the lake are invited to sit on chairs set up on the beach, but if you’re going to attend this once in a lifetime event, you might as well go all the way. Though we must warn you: from what we’ve heard, “sharks” (aka divers) may nibble on your feet during the movie!

Jaws on the water

This year’s ‘Jaws on the Water’ takes place at the Texas Ski Ranch, and attendees are asked only to bring a bathing suit. Floating bars will be stationed in the lake, so you can get your drink on while you’re having your bathing suit scared right the hell off your body.

Head over to the Alamo Drafthouse website to learn more and purchase tickets!

Jaws on the Water

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