Watch Hatchet and Hatchet 2 With Kane Hodder This October

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Written by John Squires

Many horror filmmakers in recent years have tried to replicate the vibe of 80s horror films with “throwback slashers,” but none hit that ball further out of the park than Adam Green. Hatchet, released in 2006, was a pitch perfect throwback, giving rise to new horror icon Victor Crowley.

Crowley, played by Kane Hodder, went on to slay more victims in two sequels, and he returns to the big screen this Halloween season courtesy of a special revival of the first two Hatchet films. Green is bringing them to the Mile High Horror Film Festival in Denver, and Hodder is coming along with him.


What makes these screenings particularly exciting, aside from the fact that Green and Hodder will be hosting hour-long Q&A sessions after each movie, is that the 35mm print of Hatchet is unrated, making this the very first time that the uncut version of the film will screen in theaters.

As for Hatchet 2, the film’s theatrical run lasted all of two days back in 2010, pulled from theaters after Green and Dark Sky Films decide to release it without an MPAA rating. The sequel’s 35mm print is also unrated, so those who missed out five years ago won’t want to miss this special event.

Hatchet screens Saturday, October 3rd at the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton, and Hatchet 2 plays the very next night. Clicking the links will give you all the information, and allow you to purchase your tickets in advance. If you’re anywhere near the locale, I urge you to get in on this!


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