Watch These ‘The Exorcist’ Movie Scenes in Linda Blair’s Own Voice!

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Written by Patti Pauley

Ever wonder what the demon in The Exorcist would sound like in that adorable 13-year-old voice of Regan McNeil (Linda Blair)? Well, ponder on the thought no longer because we now have an answer. And in case you’re wondering, yes. It’s just as creepy if not more so than the heavy alto voice of Mercedes McCambridge that we’re all accustomed to.


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Uploaded courtesy of I LostVocals, a selected handful of terrifyingly infamous scenes from William Friedkin’s 1973 cinematic masterpiece show Linda Blair’s demon in her true voice. Of course, we don’t see the truly vulgar scenes here (dammit). In lieu, we have the casual exchanges between Pazuzu and Father Karras featuring their first awkward encounter and an offering of lovely pea soup from the possessed Regan. Check it out below and tell me little Linda’s voice isn’t just as creepy in that wild makeup.