Watch: Exorcist Director William Friedkin Recorded a Real Exorcism!

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Written by Patti Pauley

Remember when I told you readers back in July of this year William Friedkin was supposedly invited to the Vatican to witness and record a real life exorcism? While some speculated, it turns out to be 100% true and the proof is in the holy pudding folks. Legendary Director Friedkin who brought us arguably, one of the scariest and most iconic horror films of all time The Exorcist, did indeed witness the real deal, haven been given permission from a catholic priest called Father Gabriele Amorth who allowed him to film an exorcism on a young woman who has been living in her own hell.



Father Amorth, joined by four other priests alongside William Friedkin performed an exorcism on a woman in her late 30s we only know as Rosa on May 1st of 2016. In speaking with Vanity Fair, Friedkin stated this wasn’t this poor soul’s first rodeo with the priests. This exorcism in particular that the director had recorded, was in fact the ninth for the woman. The first initial exorcism of the troubled woman in Rome began in August of 2015 as in the months prior, ‘Rosas’ behavior became quite disturbing; most notably during Mass.

Her family believes a curse was brought about by her brother’s girlfriend who is said to be a witch and a member of a powerful demonic cult. Whether Rosa’s condition was caused by a witch, a demon, or just plain ol’ mental illness is up for speculation for all who read this. However, one thing is for certain, and that the audio and photos below tell a strong tale of something other-worldly. Friedkin himself brought the footage to a panel of American psychiatrists whose response to the footage floored the director. Instead of them giving the boot, he claims the panel called the footage  ‘absolutely amazing’ and ‘something authentic’.

“I went to these doctors to try to get a rational, scientific explanation for what I had experienced. I thought they’d say, ‘This is some sort of psychosomatic disorder having nothing to do with possession’. That’s not what I came away with.”


In the video below, you can hear Father Amorth tell the evil entity to leave Rosa in Latin. She then screams back ‘Mai’ which means ‘Never’, despite not knowing the language. The priest also asks how many demons resided in her, at which the reply was ‘Eighty legions’. Sound familiar anyone? Also, you can hear her say “Io Sono Satana”, which translates to “I am Satan.”



And I’m off to go say about 343 ‘Hail Marys’.