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Not to be outdone by Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mountain Dew has now made it very clear that their fizzy-neon-green beverage is as good at dissolving flesh as “Dip” was at dissolving toons in the beloved film.

As a warning I do have to say that if your stomach is on the weak side, avoid this video especially  if you have just eaten. For the rest of us psychos this is right up our alley of the horrid and unusual that we love, right?

This all started when an individual named Roland Ball claimed that he had found a rodents body in his can of yummy Mountain Dew. Ball actually filed suit against Mountain Dew claiming that he had drank some of the beverage and become ill only to discover that there was indeed one of Mickey Mouse’s cousins floating around within the can.

Pepsi came out in defense of their product stating that the scenario that Ball claimed was actually impossible considering the mouse’s carcass would have dissolved in the fizzy fluid and would not have allowed for recognizable mouse remains. It would have instead turned into jelly.


Personally, I think that it is far scarier that Mountain Dew would dissolve the mouse completely. I spent many a caffeine fueled nights playing video games while chugging cases of Mountain Dew in my younger days. To look back and wonder how many mice I could have possible slurped down unbeknownst to me is far more disturbing than finding an actual dead mouse in the can.

But, I digress. Someone came out of the woodwork and actually did an experiment to see if Pepsi’s claim was indeed true. Would the mouse really dissolve or was Pepsi trying to save their butts? Was Ball full of shit?

The results become clear in the video below. Again don’t say I didn’t warn you. The experiment will be fascinating to some and disgusting to others. Whatever the case may be, I’m going to go get myself a can Mountain Dew. Do the Dew folks!

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