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Friday the 13th: The Game from Gun Media is currently in BETA testing which means the game is in its final stages of development and is being tested by a group outside of the developers. We already know that the game was delayed until sometime in 2017, but the guys and gals at IGN were treated to a playable BETA where they try and survive against Jason Voorhees.

In the gameplay, you will watch them play in the level of Higgins Haven (along with being stalked by Jason from Friday the 13th Part III) as they try and work together by staying in contact and collecting the items they need to escape. It’s not that easy, however, as you will watch.

How cool was it to see the place from Friday the 13th Part III at the end there? Also, Tommy Jarvis popping up was a really cool treat. And for those of you wondering why some of the group wasn’t chatting more or that being able to communicate would take something away from the game, it has something called proximity chat which only allows people meeting a certain criteria to talk with one another. I’m guessing that in the game, your character needs a walkie talkie to talk to each other and I’m also guessing once you’re dead, you can’t talk either. There are still a few more things that need tweaking, but I think Friday the 13th is shaping up to be a killer of a game and looks like it’s going to provide a lot of fun.