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WATCH: Check out These Awesome Jason Voorhees Scare Pranks!

by Waylon Jordan
Jason Voorhees

It’s Friday the 13th and I’ve got to tell you, we love a good scare prank at iHorror.com! So, in honor of the day and one of our favorite online pass times, we thought we’d share some of our favorite Jason Voorhees scare pranks!

While there are a lot of videos out there featuring Jason, there weren’t as many prank videos involving him as there were some other horror villains. Seems like that should be someone’s priority. Either way, take a look at the videos below!

NOTE #1: Links to the YouTube channels of origin are included with each featured video so you can see even more scares!

NOTE #2: A lot of these have NSFW language in them so be prepared.

#1 Jason Takes Omegle & NukeNorway

Omegle was quite popular in its heyday. The chat service, much like Chat Roulette, would team up users for one-on-one video chats at random. In the video below, NukeNorway teamed up with Jason Takes Omegle to create a very special appearance by everyone’s favorite camper at Camp Crystal Lake, and well…take a look below.

#2 Mind Over Matter

The folks over at Mind Over Matter did their very best. The costume wasn’t that great, but man, the final reaction in this video was worth the price of admission. Take a look!

#3 BrightNightFilms

This dude decided to BE a display rather than setting one up. Honestly, after all the years I worked in retail, I don’t blame him. It is ten times more fun being Jason Voorhees and there’s a lot less clean-up! If you like this video, check out more on BrightNightFilms channel.

#4 Jr. Duble

Okay, the guy takes a while to get to the actual prank on this video from the Jr. Duble channel. Skip to 2:38 and enjoy!

#5 Filipino Pranks

The guys at Filipino Pranks seem to really be having a good time. Check out their version of Jason and give them a thumbs up if you enjoy it!

BONUS VIDEO: In my search for videos, I found this one from the mujpresley channel. Yes, I know it’s Michael Myers, not Jason Voorhees, but it was just too good not to include here.

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