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Watch ‘Black Veil’ Teaser From ‘Blair Witch’ Director Dan Myrick

by Timothy Rawles
"Black Veil" teaser

Dan Myrick gave fans a teaser of episode one in his new Black Veil anthology series. He posted the clip to his Facebook page on Thursday.

Myrick is probably best known for his work co-directing the horror classic The Blair Witch Project.

Black Veil is Myrick’s passion project. In addition, he is collaborating with the writer of the original Final Destination film, Jeffrey Reddick. They want to release six horror short films that emphasize “tales from the southern gothic.”

The below teaser is a scene from the first episode titled Camera Obscura.

However, the pandemic has hindered a firm release date. We speculate we could see the series in either late 2020 or early 2021.

Filmed in Plant City, FL., Camera Obscura, written by Chris Pickenpaugh, delves into a woman’s nightmares after she discovers someone has taken eerie snapshots of her past.

Here’s the synopsis:

At a Southern art exhibit, Josette McCallum discovers a photo seemingly taken from a horrific memory she had long suppressed. Soon, she is stricken with an ailment and nightmarish visions. She seeks out the photographer to solve this mystery and its unnatural affliction.

Episode one is already complete, but Myrick is waiting to release the series in its entirety once all of them have wrapped.

Myrick was scheduled to screen his feature-length movie Skyman at the Gasparilla Film Festival this past March until it got canceled due to coronavirus. That film will be released in early July on most major streaming services.  For more information on Skyman you can visit: SkymanTheMovie.com

Take a look at the new teaser for Black Veil: Camera Obscura:

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