Watch Angie Dickinson Refuse To Do ‘This Is Your Life’

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Angie Dickinson began her television career in 1954 and never looked back, and didn’t want to. That was made painfully clear back in 1993 when the lifecap series “This Is Your Life” tricked the Hollywood icon into their studio for a trip down memory lane.

A YouTube video has just been released of every producer’s nightmare when Dickinson refused to sit quietly and listen to adulation from people in her past including Bob Hope.

“I can’t f***ing believe this,” she says in the clip. “I won’t do This Is Your Life!”

For those who don’t know, This is Your Life was a program that brought in clueless celebrity guests via subterfuge and ambushed them with significant people from their past who take turns gushing praise.

This platform was not a viable one for Dickinson’s apparently more humbled ego and for the first time in the show’s history a guest got recalcitrant and closed the book on production.

Dickinson has always been an outspoken celebrity and trailblazer. Perhaps best known for her role as “Pepper” Anderson on the 70s cop drama Police Woman, one of TV’s first dramatic leading policewomen.

Then in 1980, she served as the draw for Brian DePalma‘s horror-mystery Dressed to Kill, a small role that earned her big critical praise.

Below is the video of her clapback to “This Is Your Life” host Pat Sajak and producer Ralph Edwards who desperately try to convince her to play along to no avail.

Years later in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, host Mo Rocca got to the bottom of Dickinson’s issue with the show’s premise, “Well it’s a stupid show,” she said, preferring to flip the concept and praise the guests instead.

Both videos appear below: