Wasted – The Walking Dead meets Pineapple Express & Community!

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I never thought of what The Walking Dead world would look like if our group of survivors were less, let’s say, adept than Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon.  The show Wasted is precisely that, a look at the other side of the spectrum.  In speaking with the team behind Wasted we learned that they really are trying to take on a whole new approach to the zombie apocalypse story.

Their influences for the show range from Resident Evil & survival horror video games to a more comedic Chappelle Show, Monty Python, South Park and even Modern Family.  Here’s their official introduction to the show:

The world is a big waste according to four friends who spend most of their time discussing zombies while getting drunk and high. When the dead actually do rise they must use their limited knowledge and skills to survive.


I’m so ready to watch this show, but first they have to win the CBC ComedyCoup challenge where a winning project will be awarded a prime time special on the CBC network.

If you like their concept, go take a look at their show trailer and throw a vote their way.

The top 50 voting starts this weekend.

To vote you need to sign up to the site here… don’t worry no cash needed… just an email.
Once you’re in you can FOLLOW, RATE, and FAVORITE the Wasted page here!
Don’t forget the most important thing to do… cast your vote.