Warner Bros. Wants Matthew McConaughey to Play Randall Flagg in ‘The Stand’

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Matthew McConaughey

Fresh off of his universally praised stint on HBO’s True Detective, Matthew McConaughey’s career has fully kicked back into high gear. He already picked up an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club, and seems very likely to nab his first Emmy statue at this Monday night’s ceremony. Now, Deadline reports that McConaughey is Warner Bros.’ top choice to play iconic Stephen King villain Randall Flagg in Josh Boone’s upcoming theatrical adaptation of The Stand.

On the surface, McConaughey seems like a great choice for the role, with his laid-back southern charm likely to fit Flagg’s affably-evil demeanor like a glove. McConaughey has also more than proven that he can be extremely intense when the situation calls for it, which will be an essential skill to have once Flagg gets angry and reveals his true demonic nature to those who get on his bad side.

Unfortunately, McConaughey joining The Stand is not at all a done deal, with the two sides yet to have any formal meetings to discuss the matter. Still, it seems almost certain that WB will at least offer McConaughey the part, leaving it up to the sometimes iconoclastic performer to decide whether the character is right for him. After all, McConaughey’s career is absolutely skyrocketing right now, and the actor may just not have the time available to take on such a demanding role. Randall Flagg is a truly unforgettable presence within the vast oeuvre of Stephen King, and the decision to embody such a time-tested villain is not one that should be made lightly.

What do you guys and gals think? Is Matthew McConaughey a good choice to play Randall Flagg? If not, who would be a better candidate?

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