Warner Bros. Delivers A Terrifying Sequel ‘Horror Made Here: A Festival of Frights’ Event

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It’s that magical time of year. Attractions across the nation have a spooky bent as they gear up for Halloween and devilish mischief. One of the newer attractions, Warner Bros. Studios’ Horror Made Here returns with an appropriately sequel like expansion with more mazes and mayhem!

As we reported previouslyHorror Made Here has some new frightful attractions after starting the Halloween fun in 2016. Of course, Pennywise The Dancing Clown’s stomping ground The Neibolt House has returned and is crawling with clowns and yellow raincoated apparitions. This was my first time at the event, but the IT themed house delivered on some fantastic scares and real life replications of the blockbuster horror movie.

One of the most interesting attractions to stand out was a haunt based on Freddy VS Jason, entitled Nightmare On Camp Crystal Lake. Combined with a studio tour of the famous Warner Bros. Lot, you’ll see locations from horror classics like GremlinsHouse Of Wax, and Friends (You read that right) as you’re dropped off at a forested part of the lot transformed into Jason Voorhees’ accursed home of Camp Crystal Lake. The site littered with terrified and mangled campers, the hockey masked killer makes his presence known, especially with A Nightmare On Elm Street‘s Freddy Krueger muscling in on his turf! This was perhaps my favorite maze of the night, featuring a truly dread inducing acetic and evoking scenes from both franchises.

Another new addition was the DC Comics themed Escape From Arkham Asylum featuring another terrifying pop culture clown, The Joker! As civilians trapped in the famous Arkham Asylum while the clown prince of crime has taken over, The Joker sentences you to be driven insane (in a set-piece oddly evocative of the Dan Akroyd black comedy Nothing But Trouble) before forcing you into the bowels of the asylum where you’ll encounter some of Batman’s most deranged foes on the loose. The set-up and adaptation of the various Batman villains was pretty amusing, but don’t expect anything too scary here.

Another Warner Bros. horror franchise got a house this year with The Conjuring Universe. Taking a tour of the famous Warren Family house, you’ll go through their accursed museum and run into Annabelle, The Nun, and other supernatural psychopaths. This was a rather clever haunted attraction and featured some pretty surprising scares and effects that got me to jump. The 70’s aesthetic is captured well, and the house has some interesting twists and turns.

One of the more interesting additions this year was The Exorcist: The Forbidden Screening. Entering the church set on the lot, used in movies such as Monster Squad, you’ll be seated to a holy screening of the William Friedkin classic, The Exorcist, at least some of the most notorious scenes. But with a 4D experience that includes special FX, objects moving, and surprise guests…

Aside from the main attractions, there are a bunch of fun treats and shops about the festivities, giving it a real carnage filled carnival feel. The one that caught my attention being ‘The Crave Inn Cafe’ a loving shout out to Wes craven and both A Nightmare On Elm Street and Nightmare Cafe. Also making me flashback to the pizza scene from Dream Master!

There’s also The Lost Boys Arcade, where all manner of 80’s classic games from Mario Bros. to Space Invaders are available to play for free in all their frustratingly fun glory.

Those aside, there’s also a giant drop ride, the True Blood themed vampire bar Fangtasia, the Little Shop Of Horrors themed gift shop, and more!

Overall, while not as flashy or huge as other horror amusements, Horror Made Here has a lot of heart and a lot of history. Featuring several fun haunts and events that definitely make this an attraction worth visiting!

Horror Made Here begins October 5th, 2018. Tickets are on sale now at horrormadehere.com.

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