What's more terrifying than J.J. Watt?
What’s more terrifying than J.J. Watt?

The calendar is about to turn to August, which means the NFL is set to embark on its preseason and engines are revving on fantasy football leagues all around the country.

Fantasy football isn’t just about downing wings and brew while you talk shit with your buddies at the draft or even putting a squad together strong enough to do the Shiva Bowl Shuffle, however. It’s also about coming up with the most clever of team names that leave your pals jealous that their wit simply proves no match for yours.

So what’s in a name, you ask? Well, my fantasy baseball team name is the Tutti F’n Fruitis because what’s better than Captain Spaulding and his double finger salute? Seriously, stop askin’ jackassy questions.

Captain Spaulding saluteWe’re looking for a horror-themed fantasy football team name. Something along the lines of Final Dez-tination or The Walking Dez for all you Bryant / Dallas Cowboys faithful out there.

It can be a straight horror reference or a play on horror / football / team / player, but let us hear you in the comments section below. You have a 20-character maximum and references to Friday the 13th, Halloween and Silver Bullet are particularly encouraged so give it some thought then unleash hell.


(Thanks to the folks over at kissingsuzykolber.com for the horror-skewed NFL team logos)

I’ll pick one winner, my club will rock that name with pride for 2015 and to sweeten the pot, there’s a $25 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card in it for whomever drops the victorious moniker.

Oh, and not for nothin’, but I finished first in my fantasy football league last regular season and want a team title that’s just as badass as the boys on the field because, let’s face it, we want to be able to inform our opponents that…

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