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Wanna Watch ‘Friday the 13th: Jason Lives’ on Location?

by Trey Hilburn III

On Set Cinema is out here doing the lords work. Or at the very least the work of Pamela Voorhees. This awesome group of folks lead by Kenny Caperton has done some great on-location events over the years. This is actually the third time they have screened Friday the 13: Jason Lives out on location to sold out crowds. This time around director Tom McLoughlin is set to join up for an extremely awesome weekend of nothing but Ki, ki, ki and some ma, ma, mas.

The official Jason Lives On Set Cinema description goes like this:

Get ready campers! ON SET CINEMA returns to Camp Blood for our 3rd Annual Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives event! Celebrate the film’s 35th Anniversary with the ultimate JASON LIVES experience. Kill or be killed at Camp Daniel Morgan (aka Camp Crystal Lake …aka Camp Forest Green) at Hard Labor Creek State Park in Rutledge, Georgia where the majority of JASON LIVES was filmed – see where Sheriff Mike Garris gets bent completely in half by Jason, walk on the pier where Officer Thornton gets a dart to the forehead, hang out in the cabin where Sissy gets snatched out of the window and her head twisted off or swim in the lake where Tommy fights Jason during the movies’ climatic ending! This year we’ll be doing 2 back-to-back events and for the first time one of the events will be taking place on FRIDAY THE 13TH! We’re excited to announce that JASON LIVES director Tom McLoughlin will be returning to Camp Blood for the first time since filming took place! He’ll be signing autographs, taking photos with fans on the pier, doing a Q&A after the movie screening , and a filming locations tour of both the Jason Lives cemetery and Camp Crystal Lake / Camp Forest Green!

This is an entire weekend of camping in cabins and doing the whole 9-yards. That includes canoes, tug of war, board games, roasting marshmallows and praying that a hockey masked maniac doesn’t get all meta.

Now at the time of posting this article one of the weekends is completely sold out. Currently Aug. 15-17 is the only slot available.

To get full official details and to grab your tickets before they are all gone, head over to On Set Cinema.

There are a ton of other great events on the page too including a really awesome one that is doing an on location screening of Empire Records!

Would you be brave enough to spend the night with Jason? Let us know in the comments section.

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