Walmart parking lot

Walmart is Turning Their Parking Lots Into Drive-Ins

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Thanks to coronavirus Walmart and Tribeca Enterprises have teamed up to create drive-ins at 160 of the big boxer’s locations throughout America.

What’s known so far is that Tribeca will create the playlist and movies will be shown from August through October. Also, content will be family-friendly but enhanced by celebrity appearances and store-to-door vehicle delivery.

Moviegoers will also be able to pick up snacks curbside before the show.

It’s not known exactly what the roster will contain; that will be revealed closer to August.

In addition to Walmart’s participation, the Tribeca Drive-In movie series is also starting on July 2 with five locations in Texas, California and New York.

“Drive-Ins have been a signature program for Tribeca since we started the Tribeca Film Festival 19 years ago after 9/11,” said Jane Rosenthal, CEO, and Co-Founder of Tribeca Enterprises and Tribeca Film Festival. “But now, the Tribeca Drive-In is much more than a fun, retro way to see movies — it’s one of the safest ways for communities to gather. We are thrilled to partner with Walmart to bring more people together around the shared cinematic experiences that Tribeca is known for.”

Although the concept is intriguing some wonder if the experience will be hindered because most retail parking lots are flat while drive-ins are slightly angled for better visiblity.

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