‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8.5 Trailer Finishes the Fight

Michael CarpenterTelevision NewsLeave a Comment

Ah, AMC’s The Walking Dead. There may be no show more divisive on TV right now, despite the fact that the ratings it draws remain some of the best out there.

Despite The Walking Dead’s continued success though, each creative decision that the showrunner and writing staff make seems to anger a large segment of the fanbase. In short, they’re in a no-win situation, and seemingly always destined to draw fire from someone.

The most recent example of this intense division has been TWD’s seeming decision to kill off popular character Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs). While creator Robert Kirkman has been publicly toying with the possibility that Carl might live, it’s hard to imagine that happening.

If Carl was going to somehow survive – like maybe if what he thought was a zombie bite was in fact some other type of infected wound that could be treated – Riggs’ father probably wouldn’t have publicly bashed the series for firing his son.

Anyway, that fan baggage aside, many people are still anxiously looking forward to The Walking Dead’s return, and AMC has released the official trailer for season 8.5. Check out the trailer below, and get ready to head back to war on Sunday, February 25th.

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