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This fall, AMC’s hit drama The Walking Dead shambles into its ninth season. While the show isn’t quite as popular it once was, millions still tune in, and with season 8 finally bringing an end to the war between Rick and Negan, there is much to look forward to.

As one might expect, a show as big as Walking Dead had a large presence at the recent San Diego Comic-Con event. During an SDCC panel discussion – as reported by CBR – producers Gale Anne Hurd and Robert Kirkman were once again asked what caused the initial outbreak.

The creative team behind TWD has been getting asked this question regularly since the series first debuted, and as one might imagine, they’re kind of sick of it at this point. Especially Kirkman, whose Walking Dead comics have never supplied a reason for the outbreak either.

The Walking Dead season 9 - Andrew Lincoln as Rick

With that in mind, Hurd decided to just throw up her hands and cite the blue meth from former AMC series Breaking Bad as the culprit. Kirkman, went right along with her, saying “That’s canon, it’s confirmed,” although one assumes he’s just kidding.

Interestingly enough, the idea of linking Breaking Bad to Walking Dead is part of a long-held fan theory, which one assumes both are aware of. In reality though, we’ll probably never find out the true cause, as Kirkman has said he doesn’t see why it needs to be resolved.

The Walking Dead - Lauren Cohan as Maggie with gun