The Walking Dead season 9 - Andrew Lincoln as Rick

‘The Walking Dead’ & ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Get Comic-Con Trailers

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While zombies are a bit played out overall at this point, there will always be room in most horror fans’ hearts for a good effort featuring the shambling undead. Still leading the pack among zombie-based TV series is AMC’s The Walking Dead, despite current ratings issues.

Meanwhile, growing in popularity at a steady clip has been prequel spinoff Fear the Walking Dead, which takes place prior to the present day of the flagship show, and started off showing fans the beginning of the outbreak that brought the dead back to life.

Both The Walking Dead and Fear held panels at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, and both shows received brand new trailers. Presented below is the extended trailer for Walking Dead season 9, which has been confirmed to be the last season for Rick (Andrew Lincoln).

Framed by a conversation between Rick and former Savior leader Negan – now Rick’s prisoner after their war – TWD’s season 9 trailer makes it clear that peacetime won’t be any safer for the show’s many characters.

Next up is the trailer for the second half of Fear the Walking Dead’s fourth season. Season 4 of course saw longtime TWD character Morgan Jones (Lennie James) join the regular cast of the spinoff. One wonder’s if he’ll be the last actor to jump shows.