Update: In a July 21 Twitter post aimed at the AV Club who broke this story, Robert Kirkman says he is NOT ending the comic series. He simply knows how it ends. 

The creator of The Walking Dead comic book, Robert Kirkman, announced during Comic-Con today that he will be ending the series for good.

He says he is writing the narrative with the ending in mind, and although there is no firm date as to when the last issue will go to press, it is definitely going to happen.

Kirkman in an AV Club report says the idea to end the series isn’t new, and the recent storyline has been geared toward the finale.

“I think about two or three years ago, I had a pretty good idea for a definitive ending,” said Kirkman, speaking at a Comic-Con San Diego panel. “I have known that since then and been working towards that, so I know exactly where I’m going and what’s going to happen when I get there.”

As for fears of leaks about the denouement, that’s not a worry. Kirkman says that once the inspiration about the conclusion came to mind he didn’t write it down and it’s still safely stored in his head.

He does say however, that the idea has always been to end the epic in a way that keeps true to his vision while staying loyal to the fans.

The Nerdist says the television adaptation is still a ratings powerhouse and AMC will likely want to keep from canceling it. That may not be a concern they claim because the show often traverses between staying true to the comic book and wielding its own creative license.

iHorror recently posted about the season 8 trailer which looks as though some torque has been added to suspense and action.