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Video Tutorial On Making Human Baby Teeth Jewelry Creeps Out Internet

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In what looks like a tutorial from the Ed Gein Tik Tok account, a recent video shows a woman preparing children’s teeth for a DIY jewelry craft project.

The over three-and-a-half minute long video is from The Anna Show on Facebook and it has people shook.

Working with her children’s teeth, the woman in the video presumably named Anna—since it’s her show—collects what she claims are kid’s teeth. She then shows her audience how to clean and bleach them with lemon juice.

“I’m just going to take some of the dirtier ones and scrub away…you have to do that with human teeth because they end up kind of aging poorly,” she says before popping them in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes at 400-degrees, because, you know, “you don’t want to burn them.”

Take a look:

The finished project is a beautiful Egyptian-type collar choker lined with bicuspids, molars, and other pearly-whites.

The Anna Show

The Anna Show – Facebook

The video, an obvious parody to DIY craft tutorials, is put out by Rick Lax; a magician and comedian.

Viewed over 5 million times, the video’s comments add to its comedic value, some apparently not in on the joke.

“Im a mom… and I absolutely would NOT wear this, ever,” wrote a horrified viewer named Amber Morris. “It’s absolutely creepy. I do save my childrens teeth… but I would never put them on jewelry or wear them, in any way. Definitely bizarre in my opinion lol”

“The creepiest idea ever.. it’s too gross I don’t know why would someone make a necklace out of human teeth!” wrote Shahed Al-Omari.

Line Ellen-Marie Ravnsgaard’s significant other was in apparent disbelief. She wrote: “My boyfriend sat there horrified the entire time ‘its a baking show about baby teeth.’ Little did he know you were about to make a tooth necklace out of a nightmare scene.”

“Gross horrifying,” replied Jennifer Orlando. “Better idea keep them in a wooden tooth box for children’s teeth with their info printed on it as a keepsake.”

Speaking of keepsakes, at the end of the video it’s suggested that this is also a great way to honor your dead pets.

“That’s a great idea,” Anna says. “To remember your dog by.”

“It’s something really special,” Anna adds.

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