Video Showcases Every “American Horror Story” Movie Reference From The Series

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Written by Patti Pauley

Every Horror genre website this past week has been buzzing with the latest American Horror Story news as we inch ever so closer to its September 14th, season six premiere date. With less than a month away, we still don’t entirely know what the theme will be for the upcoming season as those sneaky folks over at AHS have been giving fans blue balls all over with confusing teasers leaving us to only speculate what the hell Murphy has in store for season six.

Even with the infamous TMZ set images they have so graciously provided the interwebs, and the rumor of the season surrounding the story of the mystery of Roanoke – the 1590 North Carolina colony where 117 people vanished, honestly we really don’t know what to believe or expect from the show next month as the show’s creator Ryan Murphy is dead set on keeping it a mystery.

While we sit, wait, and ponder over the possible themes for the series’ sixth year, Scottish filmmaker Stephen Coll put together this fantastic video over on Vimeo showcasing every American Horror Story movie reference from the series’ run. If you’ve been paying attention for the past six years, its common knowledge the show picks up inspiration from various well-known films, and genre fanatics can catch these horror film Easter eggs throughout episodes with ease most of the time. But in the case you may have missed any, the video that Coll spliced together puts AHS and the films the show has referenced side by side in a fun little two-minute and thirty-second clip that any AHS fan will definitely appreciate. Check it out below!



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