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[VIDEO] Short Horror Film ‘Soundbite’ Delivers A Deadly Beat!

by Ryan T. Cusick

A new YouTube Channel “Horror House” has been erected, specializing in short form online horror content and Soundbite is their first film for The Horror House Team.

With the tagline, “Fear What You Hear,” Soundbite focuses on the story of a young woman who discovers Death Song, a mysterious track with a “killer” beat, she realizes that the true terror lies in what she cannot see. The film stars Taylor Murphy-Sinclair, was written by Brantley J Brown and Michael Coulombe, shot by Doug Frerich, edited by Nicholas Basil, and produced by Ray McCann.

Soundbite delivers perfect usage of tension-building throughout with sound effects and effective lighting. Director Michael Coulombe knew exactly what he was aiming for. Without spoiling everything we are introduced to a young woman, unnamed to us (Taylor Murphy-Sinclair) alone in her room getting ready to decompress for the evening. Soon enough an eerie soundbite increases through the woman’s earbuds as she is staring at her computer screen, she falls into a trance and her head starts to move violently to the beat of the creepy soundbite. This poor woman is trapped but completely aware that something is not right and has zero control.

With a very simple plot, a runtime slightly over four minutes with credits, and in the vein of Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Soundbite is witty and delivers a downright creepy vibe.

Well don’t take my word for it, check out Soundbite by clicking here.


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