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Like a creature from a Guillermo del Toro movie, a baby Russian sheep was born looking more like a human than a lamb. The International Business Times says that Russian farmer Blasius Lavrentiev was excited when he learned that one in his flock was pregnant. However, when he went to check on the condition of his pregnant farm animal, he was shocked to see, “…what looked like the hairy face of an old man staring up at me. Her parents are both normal looking sheep so I have no idea how she ended up looking like this.” He said

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The local veterinarian says the mutation might be due to too much Vitamin A given to the mother. In any event, the little animal has become a village celebrity. As a result the lamb will be spared and live the life of a celebrity.

“Whatever has caused it she’s a little beauty and I definitely won’t be selling her for anyone’s dinner table either as the buyers want her on display. She’ll be staying with us until then,” Lavrentiev said.