Video of Pennywise Cosplayer in New Mexico Goes Viral, Scares Residents

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It seems we just can’t escape Pennywise even in 2018, that’s true at least for Albuquerque residents who were startled by a man doing cosplay in the creepy clown costume.

We aren’t sure if we believe his intentions though. According to KRQE in New Mexico, the man wasn’t trying to scare anyone he was simply hanging out at the park in the Bosque area while people walked by with their dogs.

Pedestrians became startled by the man who has been identified as Everett Wilbanks, some taking video of him, another calling the police.

He said he talked to the officers when they arrived, “I went up to them and they assured me I wasn’t doing anything illegal and they said it was weird.”

Here he explains what happened after they talked to him:

An avid cosplayer, Wilbanks said he was dressed in the It trickster’s costume for a photo shoot that was to take place at the park.

“It is a scary costume, but I’m not a scary person,” he said, adding, “Clown lives matter too. Not all clowns are scary.”

Pennywise may be his most favorite costume to take with him on the road. He says he made the getup himself and wears it to genre conventions all the time.