Video: Luckiest Shark Escape Ever – Shark Enters Cage

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…when you’re in a cage and you have a team of experts around you. I’m sure no amount of years experience on board could have accounted for: THE SHARK GETTING INTO THE CAGE WITH YOU!

Reported by The Lad Bible, The following footage was filmed just off the coast of Mexico where a cage diver was taking photos while the crew above water were feeding a great white shark. Several other sharks were in the water below the cage.

Apparently, the diver had to swim out of the bottom of the cage into the shark infested waters to avoid the razor teeth and thrashing around.  It was the excellent work from the crew, spotting the killer fish had entered the cage and decided to open the lid hoping the man eater would jump out.  The shark was attacking the chunk of tuna on the rope not the cage or diver. According to experts, when sharks attack their prey, they protect their eyes by closing them, therefore the shark hit the cage and not being able to see or to swim backward, pushed forwards.  This in turn broke the rail bar on the cage allowing the shark to enter.

The diver was unharmed but I’m sure had a few sleepless nights.  I do have one question for him though, did you take any pictures?

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