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[Video] Horror House Media Delivers – ‘Love Me Not’

by Ryan T. Cusick

There’s something wicked going on over at Horror House Media Productions and that is the short film Love Me Not. Directed by Michael Coulombe and Written by Brantley J. Brown we are taken into the dating scene where just the swipe of the finger will determine someone’s worthiness of love. For Jenny, (Vanessa Esperanza) she is very familiar to this tune as she has experienced a broken heart countless times but on this Valentine’s Day, she is going to teach them all a deadly lesson. Jenny is at her BREAKING POINT and she’ll just snap as one can only take so much in the hurtful world of heartbreak. Whoever said love didn’t hurt?

Horror House Media Presents: ‘Love Me Not.’

Love Me Not is well written and directed and Vanessa Esperanza is utterly fantastic, not too many folks can capture my attention with ten minutes of monologue and she does this seamlessly. I am very excited to see what Coulombe and Horror House Media have in store for us next. I regret waiting nearly three months to watch this short and I would love to see a feature focusing on where Jenny’s story began and what the final straw was bringing her to the breaking point.

Horror House Media Presents: ‘Love Me Not.’

Fasten your seatbelts and hold on… Horror House Media has a treat for you!

Written by Brantley J Brown, LOVE ME NOT, is Directed by Michael Coulombe and stars Vanessa Esperanza as Jenny and David Blanco as Brad. Edited/Sound Designed by Nico Basil Shot by Paul Stephen Edwards and Music Composed by Richard Trejo

Check Out The Video Below

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