Video: This Is Pretty Much How a Chucky vs Leprechaun Movie Would Go Down

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Written by Patti Pauley

The idea of a Chucky vs Leprechaun movie has been talked about among fans for what seems like since the dawn of the early ages. For years, fans have toyed with the idea via fan films, made for fun movie trailers, and of course discussion articles from various horror websites that open debate from interested fans on who would actually win. If anything at all, it certainly makes for fun conversation between franchise fans on whether everyone’s favorite “Good Guy” or the demented “Lucky Charms Lep from Hell” would reign as the victor.


Creator of Chucky Don Mancini, once joked about the idea several years back at the FrightFest UK film festival where he talked about the possibility of the film. The director commented on the notion of both characters fighting each other, claiming that the idea seemed too obvious to him. He also even brought up an idea he had for a Freddy vs Chucky film stating that he thought the pair had more chemistry and could potentially be a funny horror mash-up. You can read more about it here- Don Mancini Opens Up About a Chucky vs Freddy Film.


Being as we’re sitting on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day and everyone is gearing up for Irish festivities and for horror fans’ annual marathon of Leprechaun films, I thought I’d add one more Warwick Davis treasury to your list.

So put down that green beer for a millisecond and check this out..

chucky vs leprechaun


Brought to you by Youtuber channel ChuckyPastero9000 and A Twisted Mind Film, this movie mash-up that runs for a little over sixteen minutes, slices up various scenes from the Child’s Play and Leprechaun movies to formulate a pretty damn clever little visual of what a “Chucky vs Leprechaun” film would actually look like. And I have to say, they did a pretty great job in doing so. The spliced fight scenes in particular work very well in giving you the illusion that they’re actually going at it. At the very least, it’s not a bad way to kill a few minutes while waiting for your corned beef and hash to cook. Check it out below!




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