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‘Vicious Fun’ Trailer Brings 80s Synth and Serial Killers

by Kelly McNeely
vicious fun

Knives and neon, synth and serial killers, Vicious Fun looks like it’s going to be a real treat. The upcoming horror comedy from Breakthrough Entertainment and Black Fawn Films (made in partnership with Particular Crowd) has just released its first trailer, and it’s a blast of murderous mayhem.

Vicious Fun follows Joel (Evan Marsh), a caustic 1980’s film critic for a national horror magazine, who finds himself unwittingly trapped in a self-help group for serial killers. With no other choice, Joel attempts to blend in with his homicidal surroundings or risk becoming their next victim.

It’s a killer concept (pun not intended, but I’ll keep it) that features some awesome fashion, bumbling cops, bloody murder, and all the fun you want from a retro infused horror film. Seriously, let’s take a moment to appreciate the bleached-blonde Bateman-casual look, and Joel’s Marty McFly vest-over-denim combo. Between the costumes, the sets, and the lighting, I’m completely sold on the visual aesthetic — this film just looks great. 

Shot in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Vicious Fun is directed by Cody Calahan (The Oak Room), produced by Chad Archibald and Calahan and written by James Villeneuve. 

It features an incredible ensemble cast that includes David Koechner (Anchorman, Cheap Thrills), Evan Marsh (Shazam!, Riot Girls), Amber Goldfarb (TV’s Bad Blood), Ari Millen (TV’s Orphan Black, I’ll Take Your Dead), Julian Richings (TV’s Supernatural, Man of Steel), Robert Maillet (300, Immortals), and Sean Baek (TV’s Killjoys). The film is the first collaboration between Particular Crowd and Breakthrough Entertainment.

Vicious Fun was hands-down the most entertaining set I’ve ever been on,” explains director Cody Calahan. “It was an extremely collaborative process right across the board, from the talent on the screen to the talent behind the scenes. We wanted to make something nostalgic, hilarious, and a film that was just flat-out fun. I think we accomplished that.”

The film is set to have its world premiere at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain this October. 

“We’re incredibly excited to unveil Vicious Fun as part of this year’s Sitges lineup,” states Breakthrough Entertainment’s Feature Film Coordinator Chris Benn. “When you can take an eclectic cast such as this one and drop them into a world full of neon hues, generous blood splatter and 80s synth rock – well, that’s just a cool time at the movies. Vicious Fun is a blast!”

“An outrageous mash-up of dread and humour, Vicious Fun lives up to its title,” said Craig McGillivray, Breakthrough Entertainment’s Vice President of Distribution. “We are thrilled to have Particular Crowd as a partner on this film and look forward to sharing the howls and horrors we’ve created together.”

You can check out the trailer and poster below. For more from Black Fawn Films, you can check out my visit to the set of The Oak Room or click here to learn more about Vicious Fun.

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