V/H/S Demon Girl Lily Feature SiREN Trailer Just Dropped and it Looks Awesome

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For those of you that have seen the V/H/S movies, you will undoubtedly recall the short from the first, and probably the best movie, released in 2012. In the short named Amature Night, we saw a bunch of guys going out to party.  They get drunk and find what they thought was the girl of their dreams. Instead, they met the girl of their nightmares. In 2015 Chiller broke the welcomed news that the mystery of Lily the demon girl and her splitting face, would be made into a full-length feature film named SiREN. Pending its release on December 2nd they have just given us the trailer and it looks amazing.

Just encase that wasn’t enough for you, we have also found a clip from the movie showing Lily munching down on a victim.

So, same story as the short but this time the boys find themselves at a weird sex club and think they are helping a girl who is being kept locked in a cell as some sort of sex slave. They soon find out that she is in fact locked in there for everyone else’s safety. Personally I cant wait for this film. It looks like an original and bloody, monster movie, right up my street.

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