Venom will Have More than Carnage to Deal With in Upcoming Sequel

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Venom 2 has supposedly added another layer of terror with the addition of a second Marvel villain to the film.

According to Deadline, Frances Barrison aka “Shriek” will be featured in the film alongside her sometimes romantic interest Cletus Kasaday aka “Carnage.”

In the comics, Barrison, who was abused as a child by her mother for being overweight among other things, ultimately became a drug dealer and with an unhealthy fixation on becoming a mother herself. Her sanity was further damaged after she was shot in the head which unleashed her latent mutant abilities.

In addition to her ability to fly, she can harness sound, manipulating it into a violent concussive force. She can also use her sonic abilities to manipulate the emotions of those around her, causing fear, rage, and despair.

Shriek had a variety of powers in the comics.

Sony did not comment on the rumored addition to the film citing the fact that it in in the early days of pre-production and it will not actually begin filming until next year.

Shriek would be an interesting element to add to the burgeoning franchise. Not only was she a vicious, cold-blooded villain, but her powers would add a layer chaos to an already interesting film.

Andy Serkis is set to helm the new film with Tom Hardy returning to the role of the symbiote Venom. Woody Harrelson made a cameo as Carnage/Kasady in the first film and will most likely return for the sequel.

There is no word yet on who might step into the role of Shriek.

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